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US E-commerce Association founded

US E-commerce Association founded

Due to the increasingly extensive application of electronic information network in business activities, global e-commerce is developing rapidly. It not only changes the traditional business model, but also has a profound impact on the integration of industries and the adjustment of economic structure. E-commerce has become a strategic measure for us to change the business environment, promote economic growth and meet the challenges of economic globalization.

As an international metropolis, vigorously developing e-commerce is an important strategic task for Shanghai to comprehensively promote urban informatization and build a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence. The purpose of the association is to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and ensure the orderly and standardized development of the industry through the internal self-discipline mechanism. At the same time, build a bridge between the government and enterprises to convey the government's instructions, policies, regulations and industry guidance to member units in time. Report the requirements of member units for industry construction and common problems of enterprises to the government; Assist the government in standardizing the market and making correct decisions under the deployment of national economic strategic policies.

The development of e-commerce needs to be promoted. With the support of the government, the association vigorously promotes the development of e-commerce in Shanghai, improves the environment for e-commerce development, and drives e-commerce related, such as integrity, modern logistics, e-payment, digital authentication, information security construction, etc. In short, the association is an industry organization that meets the needs of the development of the situation, meets the requirements of the transformation of government functions, protects the interests of the industry, standardizes the market economic order, and comprehensively serves its members.

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